Beginners’ Meditation Course (English)

12 Feb
What are the effects of meditation beyond mindfulness and relaxation? Join us for a 2-part comprehensive introductory course to meditation in the Chan Buddhist tradition, which emphasizes on practical application in our everyday lives.


28 Jan

佛教法鼓山護法總會副都監常遠法師, 11月12日(周日)下午2點以「中華禪法鼓宗介紹」為題舉行佛學講座。常遠法師演講前先引導大家一起打坐,頭腦放鬆,不思考、不想像、不計劃過去和未來的事,從頭到腳全身放鬆,將注意力放在鼻端,單純的體驗呼吸進出的感覺。…


11 Oct



11 Oct


World Cafe 2017

11 Oct

On 27 August 2017, Changji Fashi and Guo Chan Fashi conducted a World Cafe on Conversations that Matters for DDM Sydney at the Buddhist Library.

Participants watched carefully selected…

World Cafe

15 Aug
Join DDM Sydney and DDMBA, USA as we envision ways to unify and integrate our social justice and environmental efforts as a Buddhist community. We will use a café conversation model to imagine where we want to be in the next few years.