Children’s Life Education Creative Writing & Art

21 Sep

Caring and showing compassion to others can make a big difference in cultivating a healthy and happy community. Children who learn this from a young age will develop the ability to connect and relate to people around them.

This competition is a great opportunity for kids from Years 1–6 to explore the topic of ‘Caring and Compassion’ in a fun and creative way. They can express their thoughts and feelings through creative writing and art, and learn to apply them into their daily lives when interacting with others.

2015 Children's Life Education flyer

For more information and guidelines, please see the 2015 CCWA Sydney Information Sheet.

Documents for submission

When submitting the work, please include these form:

Please attach this form to the back of the work to be submitted:


Submission of Work

Deadline: 23 October 2015

Mail your entries to:

Dharma Drum Mountain Sydney
2015 Children’s Creative Writing and Art Program
PO Box 20139
World Square NSW 2002

For schools, please send in entries in one batch.


Tel: 0413195603

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