Eight-Form Moving Meditation

29 Dec


 Our contemporary lifestyle of being on the move most of the time, both physically and mentally, means that often we only have brief moments to physically and mentally let ourselves go and relax. The question arises as to how we can best use those precious moments to relax our body and mind. The Eight-Form Moving Meditation fits in well with our contemporary lifestyle of being on the move – once we master it, we will be able to move with a meditative mind in our daily activities.


What is Dharma Drum’s Eight-Form Moving Meditation?

It is a set of movements developed by Master Sheng Yen after many years of personal practice and experience. It incorporates the mindfulness of Chan meditation with a set of physical exercise wherein we learn to be aware of our movements, relax our body and enjoy the experience, thereby developing a healthy body and a settled mind.


How does that happen?

It takes diligent practice, just like any other skills you want to master. When you practice the Eight-Form Moving Meditation, your mind is focused on the experience of:

  • Being aware of specific movements to being aware of the movement of the whole body
  • Partial relaxation through awareness of tension in specific area to awareness of relaxation in those areas
  • Total relaxation through relaxing the whole body

By remaining relaxed in both body and mind while practicing the Eight-Forms, your whole body will eventually relax and the mind becomes more and more concentrated, ultimately achieving the unity of body and mind. This skill can eventually be applied in your daily life in all situations – one can always relax and let go of body and mind. Besides the purely physical benefits of the exercise, the ultimate goal of meditation – the generation of wisdom – may be achieved.


Are there any constraints?

The Eight-Form Moving Meditation can be practiced:

  • By anyone irrespective of sex, age, fitness and health
  • Anytime, although not recommended within half an hour of a meal
  • In any indoor or outdoor location with sufficient space and good air circulation


Interested to learn how to do the Eight-Form Moving Meditation? Contact us to see when our next guided class will be held.

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