World Cafe 2017

11 Oct

On 27 August 2017, Changji Fashi and Guo Chan Fashi conducted a World Cafe on Conversations that Matters for DDM Sydney at the Buddhist Library.

Participants watched carefully selected video clips and engaged in some soul searching exercise on their purpose in life through games, discussions and sharing. We examined the difference between purpose and goal, culture of division and culture of connection; pondered on the challenge of facing our own mind which is not at peace and how we can support each other and find our heart space; finding the meaning of life and doing our small tiny bit in the course of minimising waste and plastics to save the environment.

There was no expectation as to the outcome of the event, yet surprisingly one team came up with an action plan on the issue of inter-generational interaction. It was indeed a very enlightening experience for all involved.

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